Somatization Disorder Treatment

(Also Known As: Somatic Disorder Treatment, Somatization Treatment, Somatoform Treatment, Somatization Syndrome Treatment, Somatization Disorders Treatment)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Are The Treatments Available for Somatization Disorder?

When other causes have been ruled out and a diagnosis of somatization disorder has been established, the goal of treatment is to assist the individual in controlling the symptoms. Underlying mood disorders can be treated using conventional methods such as antidepressant medication. Somatization disorder treatment is often difficult because individuals with this disorder rarely admit that their condition is caused by mental health problems and will therefore not subject themselves to psychiatric treatment. 7

Establishing a supportive relationship with the health care provider is the most important component in somatization disorder treatment. It is vital for the individual suffering from the condition to strictly follow their scheduled appointments in order to test their coping mechanisms as well as to review the symptoms.

Psychiatric evaluation can help in the understanding of a complicated history and to agree on a simplified approach to the disorder as well as to agree on the objectives of treatment with the patient, their family, and the responsible doctor. Oftentimes, the aim of somatization disorder treatment is to restrict further progression instead of a cure. 8

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The focus of cognitive behavior therapy is to modify negative patterns of thoughts, behavior, and feelings which trigger the somatic symptoms. The aim of somatization disorder treatment in this case is to help the patient determine dysfunctional thoughts about physical sensations. Likewise, cognitive behavior therapy aims to recognize catastrophic thoughts and establish more logical explanations for their feelings.

Cognitive behavior therapy may help in the reduction of distress and discomfort associated with the symptoms of somatization disorder.


Antidepressant medicines may help reduce the symptoms of somatization disorder. In a study, patients who took nefazodone showed a decrease in physical symptoms, enhanced their activity level, and reduced anxiety and depression levels at the conclusion of somatization disorder treatment.

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