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Current Research in Social Anxiety Disorder

Virtual reality is a powerful tool that utilizes computer representations to transform an individual’s sense of presence so that they can develop the feeling of being in a virtual environment rather than in their current one. Some applications of this technology have been reported recently. 8

In 1998, the use of virtual reality in the treatment of social phobia was successfully attempted. Despite being a non-controlled clinical trial and no further investigation was conducted into the factors of an effective treatment, this study was significant because it marked an attempt to extend virtual reality to the treatment of social phobia, wherein the stimulus that triggers anxiety is the interaction with other people rather than an inert environment.

An independent research study in the United States was conducted in 1998 into the possibility of using virtual reality in treating the fear of public speaking. The findings of the study revealed that the participants interacted to a virtual audience as if it was real. They were anxious and rated their own performance less highly after speaking to the virtual audience which was designed to react to them in a negative manner than in a virtual audience that was designed to give a neutral or positive response.

Prior to these attempts for using virtual reality for social phobia, the technology was likewise used for treating other phobias such as acrophobia, agoraphobia, and arachnophobia.

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