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Social Anxiety Disorder Support Groups

Social anxiety disorder is a chronic condition that can be difficult to treat. However, there are organizations and agencies that lend their support and services to individuals with social anxiety disorder as well as their families.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Established in 1980, the aim of this organization is to promote the welfare of people suffering from phobias and anxiety disorders.

Social Phobics Anonymous

Social Phobics Anonymous is a 12-step support group that caters to the needs of people suffering from social anxiety disorders or avoidant personality disorder.

Agoraphobics in Motion

Founded in 1983, this national organization utilizes behavioral and cognitive therapy in helping people overcome agoraphobia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Social Anxiety Association

This is a mailing list designed to help people suffering from social anxiety by providing information and education.

Social Anxiety Institute

Established in 1994, the Institute aims to help people suffering from the disorder recover and move on with their life.

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