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Because sleepwalking disorder can become bothersome and quite dangerous when it reaches its chronic form, there is the likelihood that victims of this disorder can suffer from anxiety, depression and low self esteem that can predispose the individual to develop more sleep and mental disorders. Support groups play an important role in helping sleepwalkers to cope with their condition. There are several support groups for sleep disorders such as sleepwalking that can help them get the confidence to overcome sleepwalking disorders.


This is an online support group from Google that allows visitors and members to post their sleep related questions.

Sleepwalking Disorder Forum

This is an online support group that allows members to freely post on the forum in order to discuss sleepwalking disorders, be heard and get advice.

Awake in Philly Support Group

This is an online community of group of people who deliver educational information about sleep disorders.

Sleep Quest

This is an online support group for individuals suffering from sleep disorders. It also offers relevant information about various sleep disorders.

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