Shared Psychotic Disorder Causes

(Also Known As: Psychotic Causes, Psychosis Causes, Psychotic Disorders Causes, Psychotic Disorder Causes, Psychotic Behavior Causes, Shared Paranoia Causes)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What causes Shared Psychotic Disorder?

The specific causes of shared psychotic disorder are not known.¬¬¬ However, stress and social isolation is believed to play a role in its development. 4 The occurrence of the delusion is associated with the strong influence of the more dominant member. Additionally, old age, low intelligence, sensory impairment, cerebrovascular disease and alcohol abuse are among the many factors suspected to cause this unusual disorder. Also, a genetic predisposition to idiopathic psychoses has been suggested as a possible risk factor. 5

Could You Have Shared Psychotic Disorder?

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