Sexual Dysfunction Suggestions

(Also Known As: Sexual Disorder Suggestions, Male Dysfunction Suggestions, Erectile Dysfunction Suggestions, Female Dysfunction Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Sexual Dysfunction

Because sexual dysfunction affects you and your partner, communication with each other is just as important as talking to a health professional. 12 Keeping your sexual dysfunction problem to yourself will not help solve the underlying cause of symptoms. Immediate medical help should be sought, and an effective treatment plan will be based on thorough assessment and proper diagnosis to the underlying causative factors resulting to the distressing condition of sexual dysfunction.

Because the condition can result in an impaired sexual relationship, the partner of the affected individual should be able to understand and help support their affected partner to cope with the condition. Oftentimes, it is best to involve the unaffected partner during sex therapies and psychotherapeutic intervention to obtain a more positive outcome. The probable outcome of the treatment will depend on the form of sexual dysfunction experienced by the patient, with better prognosis for physical dysfunctions that are caused by treatable and reversible conditions. 13 Early treatment should be sought before the sexual dysfunction can take an emotional and distressing toll to your personal relationship with your partner.

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