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Sexual Dysfunction Support Groups

Support groups are good sources in providing better confidence among those affected with sexual dysfunction, as the condition can also produce emotional, mental and psychological stress to those suffering from it. There are several online organizations and support communities that offer hope and strength to those coping with sexual dysfunction.

Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Support Group

This is a free online anonymous group which provides intensive information about sexual dysfunction affecting males as it helps those affected to cope with the disorder. They also provide an online journal to help you track down your progress while being able to interact with other members through their chat forum.

Female Sexual Issues Support Group

This is a free online anonymous group which provides support and informative resources among females who are suffering from any form of sexual disorder. Members can share their personal experiences while helping each other cope.

Mahalo Group

An online community that provides help, support and information about female sexual dysfunction.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

This is an online group of women who are experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction.

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