Sexual Addiction Symptoms

(Also Known As: Sex Addict Symptoms, Sexaholic Symptoms, Sexual Impulses Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Sexual Addiction?

People with sexual compulsivity manifest behavior symptoms with varying types and severity. The sexual behavior involved may be intense, chronic and oftentimes uncontrollable. The common behavioral symptoms shown by sex addicts include the following:

  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Avoiding emotional involvement in sexual relationships
  • Engages in sex with prostitutes or anonymous partners
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Use of commercial sexually explicit phone and Internet services
  • Frequent use of pornographic materials
  • Engagement in masochistic or sadistic sex
  • Exhibitionism or exposing oneself in public
  • Unsafe sex
  • Voyeurism
  • Sexual harassment
  • Molestation/rape
  • Obsessive dating through personal ads

People suffering from sexual addiction do not actually gain high satisfaction from their sexual activity. They do not form any emotional bond with their sex partners. Their sexual addiction leads to feelings of shame and guilt, and they often lack control of their sexual behavior despite the negative consequences affecting their health, emotional, social and financial functioning. 5 Sexual addicts often use sex as a form of escaping from other underlying problems they have such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Could You Have Sexual Addiction?

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