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Sexual Addiction Support Groups

Support groups play a significant role in giving sex addicts the supportive treatment that is not only provided by medications, but can also provide them emotional and mental support knowing that they are not alone to face the challenge in fighting their abnormal sexual behavior.

Sex Addicts Anonymous

This is a fellowship of men and women who are share their own experiences, strength, and hope to each other to overcome their sexual addiction.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

This is a 12 step fellowship of men and women who help each other to stay sober. They offer help and support to those suffering from sex addiction or love addiction or both.

Sexaholics Anonymous

This is an online fellowship of men and women who share their experiences and provide hope to each other towards their recovery from sexual addiction.

Sex/Pornography Support Group

This is an online community addressing issues concerning sexual addiction with relevant information provided about the condition. There is a forum for members to participate and share experiences and help each other cope with sexual compulsive behavior and pornography addiction.

Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addiction Recovery

This is a Catholic group of fellow sufferers from the addiction to pornography, lust and sins of the flesh.

Love Addicts Anonymous/Sexual Recovery Anonymous

This is a 12-step program where committed relationship is used instead of marriage. They conduct meetings in numbers and is open to everyone in sexual recovery.

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