Schizoid Personality Disorder Treatment

(Also Known As: Schizoid Treatment, Personality Disorder Treatment, Schizophrenic Treatment, Schizoid Personality Treatment, Pleasure Deficiency Treatment)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Are The Treatment Options for Schizoid Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders are usually one of the most challenging mental disorders to treat because they are literally an integral part of an individual and their self-perception. Treatment of schizoid personality disorder is aimed at improving the coping skills and interpersonal relationship skills of an individual. 8


Although there are many treatment options for individuals with schizoid personality disorder, none of them could be completely effective. Just like any personality disorder, the preferred method of treatment is psychotherapy. However, individuals with schizoid personality would not seek treatment unless there is tremendous pressure or stress in their lives. Treatment approaches will always be short-term in nature in order to help the patient cope with the immediate crisis or problem. The patient will most likely end the therapy session once the crisis is over. The aim of treatment should be focused on finding solutions using brief therapy approaches.

Building rapport and trust between patient and therapist can be slow and gradual. Since individuals with schizoid personality have the tendency to distance themselves from other people, it is therefore the job of the therapist to ensure the security of their client.

Group Therapy

An alternative treatment approach when it comes to schizoid personality disorder is group therapy. Take note however that it is not usually the preferred treatment modality. With this treatment approach, the individual with schizoid personality is assigned to a group at the start of the therapy. Again, there is a tendency for the patient to prematurely terminate the session because they cannot stand the thought of being in a social group. Because the patient finds no reason for social interactions, they will have the tendency to remain quiet during group therapy. In this kind of treatment, it is the job of the leader to make sure that the affected individual is free from the criticism of other group members for their lack of participation.


Prescribing medicines for the treatment of schizoid personality disorder is usually not a problem unless there is an associated psychological disorder, like major depression. Majority of patients show no sign of improvement with the addition of antidepressants unless they are suffering from suicidal ideation or major depression. Using medication for long term treatment of schizoid personality disorder should be avoided and is recommended only for relieving acute symptoms. Using medicines in the treatment of this personality disorder can be a hindrance to the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Could You Have Schizoid Personality Disorder?

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