Pyromania Treatments

(Also Known As: Compulsive Treatments, Obsessive Treatments, Obsession With Starting Fires Treatments, Pyromaniac Treatments, Pyromaniacs Treatments)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Kinds of Pyromania Treatments are Available?

In children and adolescents, treatments for pyromaniacs are most effective when it follows a case-management approach instead of a medical model since most of the offenders come from chaotic families. Before choosing the treatment approach to be used, a structured interview with the parents as well as child should be conducted to determine the patterns of supervision and discipline and identical factors. 4

Once the interview has been completed, a treatment approach tailored for the individual child and their home situation should be implemented. There is a wide range of treatment approaches such as enhancing problem solving skills, anger management, aggression replacement training, communication skills, and cognitive restructuring that can address the emotional and cognitive concerns involved in the child and adolescent pyromaniac.

Adult pyromania, on the other hand, is difficult to treat because there is lack of insight and cooperation on the part of most patients suffering from pyromania. Treatment of adult pyromania often includes a combination of medications, such as SSRI’s, and long term insight –oriented psychotherapy.

Behavior modification is the common treatment method for pyromaniacs. Other methods include viewing the action of the patient as an unconscious process and making an analysis of the behavior to help the patient overcome their behavior. Most of the time, a more psychodynamic approach is being used after the procedure in order to address whatever underlying problems that trigger the negative emotions leading to the mania. 5

Treatment seems to be effective in 95% of children which are suffering from pyromania, which include family therapy and community intervention. Research has also shown some therapeutic benefits of using a simulated environment in the treatment of pyromania.

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