Pyromania Symptoms

(Also Known As: Compulsive Symptoms, Obsessive Symptoms, Obsession With Starting Fires Symptoms, Pyromaniac Symptoms, Pyromaniacs Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Pyromania?

The tendency of children and adolescents to set fire may either be episodic or chronic. For some persons, fire setting is their way of releasing tension. However, other individuals set things on fire only during uncommon stress in their lives.

In adults, on the other hand, pyromania is accompanied by depressed mood, suicidal thoughts, persistent interpersonal conflicts, and poor coping skills. The onset of pyromania is accompanied by the following symptoms: 2

  • Intentional and purposeful setting of fire on several occasions
  • Stress or affective stimulation before the setting of fire
  • Interest and curiosity to things associated with fire setting
  • Pyromaniacs usually receive satisfaction or pleasure from witnessing or being involved in fire setting
  • The act is committed not for any monetary benefits but as an expression of ideology, to hide criminal acts, as an expression of anger or revenge, to enhance one’s living situation, or due to an impairment in judgment.

Could You Have Pyromania?

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