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(Also Known As: Compulsive Research, Obsessive Research, Obsession With Starting Fires Research, Pyromaniac Research, Pyromaniacs Research)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

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Some studies show that the average pyromaniac is either a frustrated female or an impotent male. For these people, the best method to obtain sexual gratification outside of the normally accepted methods is through arson or setting fires. An adult male pyromaniac hails from a mother-dominated environment. Their desire for pyromania stems from their hatred or fear of women as well as a social and sexual maladjustment. In order to release their suppressed sexual impulses, they resort to setting fires. 6

On the other hand, there had been few studies focusing on the female pyromaniac due to the lower record of arrests for females, as well as low interest in setting fires by female children. Most of the time, the juvenile fire setter comes to their adulthood with a growing psychological problem.

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