Pyromania Causes

(Also Known As: Compulsive Causes, Obsessive Causes, Obsession With Starting Fires Causes, Pyromaniac Causes, Pyromaniacs Causes)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Causes Pyromania?

Majority of studies on the causes of pyromania are concentrated on children and adults who are engaged in fire setting. According to Sigmund Freud, this practice is representative of an individual’s regressive desire to show one’s power over the environment. According to some research, pyromania is a male disorder since it symbolizes the sexual urges of a male.

As of 2002, the causes of fire setting in children and teenagers are quite complicated and not clearly understood. However, they can be classified into individual and environmental causes.

Individual Causes

According to various studies, anti-social behaviors and attitudes can trigger pyromania. Aside from fire setting, pyromaniacs have often committed other crimes. Vandalism of property accounted for 19% of offenders, non-violent sexual offenses were committed by 18% of pyromaniacs, and forcible rape was committed by 11% of adolescent offenders.

Pyromaniacs resort to fire setting due to boredom and absence of other recreational activities. They also behave in such a way in order to get the attention of their parents and other authorities. Most pyromaniacs apprehended by law enforcers are isolated from other people and have no significant relationships.

Environmental Causes

The environment where an individual moves around can likewise bring about pyromania. The role of the parents and other adult relatives are crucial in preventing the onset of the condition. Lack of or poor parental supervision, as well as no support from other adults, can be a major cause of pyromania.

The information acquired by the child or adolescent from watching the improper and careless use of fire by adults, may also cause them to become a pyromaniac. The lack of emotional support and neglect of parents for their child can also result in pyromania. Likewise, children who were physically or sexually abused make them prone to the condition. This is also applicable to children who have seen their parent abuse drugs or show violent tendencies.

Could You Have Pyromania?

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