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(Also Known As: Sleep Disorders Research, Sleep Problem Research, Hypersomnia Research, Dyssomnia Research, Insomnia Research)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

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A study was made to correlate the association of primary sleep disorder to chronic fatigue syndrome among outpatients who were clinically examined and underwent a two-night polysomnography and multiple sleep latency tests. The study was conducted by Le Bon O. et. al of Brugmann University Hospital. Their clinical research study revealed that primary sleep disorders are not associated with any of the clinical scales they used for measuring the depression, anxiety, mental and physical fatigue, somatisation and functional impairment of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome. 54% of the subjects showed no primary sleep disorder while 69% had no sleepiness. 14


A research study made by HHS’ Agency for Research and Quality showed evidence on the safety of the use of melatonin supplements to help alleviate a sleep problem when used for a period of days or weeks in various formulations at high dosage. The study however does not include the safety of melatonin supplement when used for longer period of time in months or years. This study was funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 15

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Dyssomnia – excessive sleepiness, inadequate quantity of sleep, sleeping difficulty, insomnia
Hypersomnia – excessive daytime sleepiness, daytime napping, anxiety, irritability, depression, restlessness
Narcolepsy – chronic sleep disorder, dyssomnia, insomnia, disturbed sleep, cataplexy