Postpartum Depression Statistics

(Also Known As: Postpartum Statistics, Depression Statistics, Baby Blues Statistics, Pregnancy Depression Statistics, Maternity Blues Statistics, Postpartum Exhaustion Statistics)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Statistics on Postpartum Depression

  • 80% of mothers experience baby blues. 10
  • There is a 70% risk for a recurrence of postpartum depression with a single episode of the condition.
  • 20% of new mothers experience clinical depression that can surface anytime within the first postpartum year.
  • Hormonal changes are experienced by all mothers but only 10%-15% have postpartum depression.
  • About 20% of new mothers suffer from a severe form of postpartum depression.
  • There is 5% to 25% prevalence rate of postpartum depression among women.
  • Chronic postpartum depression with insidious onset complicates 10%-15% of all deliveries and 26% - 32% of adolescent deliveries.
  • 60% of patients experience onset of postpartum depression symptoms in the 1st 6 weeks postpartum.

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