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Postpartum Depression Support Groups

Support groups play a major role in helping mothers with postpartum depression to cope with their condition. Many support groups are available in the online community which provides easy access to those affected by postpartum depression to acquire information and help.

The Online PPD Support Group

This is an online help community for mothers with postpartum depression. One can also find helpful information relevant about the condition.

Postpartum Depression Support Group

This is an online grassroots support group facilitate by 5 volunteers working with pregnant and parenting women. Postpartum Depression Support Group of the Greater Ann Arbor Area.

The OSP Postpartum Support Group

This is an online support group for postpartum depression including an online discussion forum about the condition. Members can freely ask questions from its message board style online forum.

Postpartum Depression Support Group

This is an online support community for postpartum depression victims where members can obtain relevant information about their condition, freely ask questions and track their progress to improvement.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression Support Group

This is an online community for mothers who can share their experiences of raising children by chatting, write blogs and online meet ups to talk and share ideas. Daddies are also welcome to join the group.

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