Parkinson's Disease Suggestions

(Also Known As: Parkinsons Disease Suggestions, Parkinson’s Suggestions, Shaking Palsy Suggestions, Paralysis Agitans Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions on Parkinson’s disease

Several supportive measures may be beneficial to patients, but these are mostly done not by the patients but by the people around them. This primarily includes psychosocial therapies such as:

  • Supportive and educational psychotherapy: the nature of the condition is explained to patients
  • Seeing a physician regularly and religiously taking medications and following suggested therapies
  • Assistance in grieving
  • Showing understanding and acceptance of their disability
  • Maximizing any areas of intact functioning: helping patients identify activities in which successful functioning is possible.
  • Psychodynamic assessment of ego functions and cognitive limitations
  • Help patients find ways to deal with defective ego functions: keeping calendars for orientation problems, making schedules to help structure or plan activities and taking notes of memory problems
  • Psychodynamic interventions with family members 19

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