Paraphilias Causes

(Also Known As: Paraphilia Causes, Paraphilic Causes, Sexual Abuse Causes)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Causes Paraphilias?

Several factors have been postulated to cause paraphilia but there is no known specific etiology for the disorder. The possible causes of paraphilias are based on existing theories as follow:

  • Psychoanalytic Theory – paraphilias are attributed to the possible distortion of the courtship phases.
  • Behavioral theory – paraphilias are attributed to accidental conditioning, such as when a non-sexual object is repeatedly and frequently associated with a pleasurable sexual activity, which eventually makes the object sexually arousing to the person. The person may experience unpleasant consequences with the normal sexual activity resulting in sexual aversion and development of deviant behaviors.
  • Sociobiological theory-which accounts for the gene transmission and the need for survival.

Psychoanalysts believe that paraphilias are highly influenced by reverting or repeated sexual habits that arose in the early life, while behaviorists suggest that conditioning plays a vital influence in the development of the condition. Difficulty in forming person to person relationships is also a predisposing factor for paraphilias. Children who are observers or victims of inappropriate sexual behaviors can also develop the same pattern of behaviors due to the reinforced sexual experiences. Paraphilics are usually deprived of normal social contacts and they seek gratification through less socially acceptable manner. Hormones are also believed to play a role in causing paraphilia, with the development of behavior and specific interest in sexual aggression.

Could You Have Paraphilias?

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