Paranoid Personality Disorder Symptoms

(Also Known As: Delusions Symptoms, Paranoid Symptoms, Paranoid Disorder Symptoms, Paranoia Symptoms, Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Clinical Therapist)

What Are the Symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder?

Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by inflexible and chronic patterns of paranoia, distrust, suspicion, and hostile feelings towards others which could have unfavorable effects on the ability of an individual to perform social and occupational functions, as well as in establishing intimate relationships. 3

The suspiciousness aroused by an individual suffering from paranoid personality disorder has no factual basis. The individual suffering from the condition feels that they are being subjected to exploitation and sabotage. They see simple words or actions as malicious or threatening.

People with paranoid personality disorder will have a difficult time socializing with other people as well as forming lasting relationships. Because of their condition, a paranoid individual will always doubt the sincerity and loyalty of their spouse or sexual partner. They are branded as aloof, cold, or emotionally detached to other people.

In addition, a paranoid individual intentionally separates themselves from other people because they are afraid of being betrayed. They also have the tendency to give excessive criticism and blame or accuse other people.

A paranoid individual also exhibits the following signs and symptoms: 4

  • Illogical belief that other people are hurting, deceiving, or exploiting them.
  • The paranoid individual shows suspicion, anger, and sensitivity when they feel unfair treatment from other people
  • The individual suffering from paranoid personality disorder shows unreasonable doubt about the loyalty, dedication, and trust of other people
  • The paranoid individual shows fear of confiding their problem to other people
  • The patient bears a grudge and finds it difficult to forgive others
  • The paranoid individual finds hidden meanings in the words or actions of other people
  • The patient feels they are being attacked although other people do not see it
  • They have poor tolerance to criticism

Could You Have Paranoid Personality Disorder?

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