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Paranoid Personality Disorder Support Groups

There are no or limited support groups devoted to paranoid personality disorders because individuals suffering from this disorder have the tendency to develop suspicion and mistrust of the members of the support group. However, there are organizations who are dedicated to providing education and assistance to the friends, family, and relatives of the individual

American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychological Association has more than 38,000 member physicians all over the United States. Its primary mission is to promote the highest quality of care for individuals with mental illnesses.

Mental Health America

Established in 1909 by Clifford Beers, a former psychiatric patient, Mental Health America is geared towards educating individuals with mental illnesses and their families. It likewise aims to reduce obstacles to mental health treatment and services.

National Institute of Mental Health

NIMH sees a world wherein mental illnesses are prevented and cured. It seeks to transform basic understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through research, clearing the way for prevention, cure, and recovery.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is the largest grassroots organization for people with mental illness as well as their families. It has branches in over 1,100 local communities all over the United States. It is working towards ensuring that all persons with mental disorders will get similar services that they need and deserve in a timely manner.

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