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Panic Disorder Support Groups

Family, friends, and peers provide significant impact in helping people with panic disorder. Because the condition occurs with a distressing outcome to the affected person, an understanding about the condition and how to help those affected are an important part of the support treatment that can be given to panic disorder patients. Support groups are an excellent way of helping those affected by the condition by making them understand their disorder. They are able meet people who can understand them and are going through the same condition as theirs who can provide supportive recovery from their condition.

The Anxiety Community

This is an online community for people with different forms of anxiety disorder with a support forum to post your thoughts, share ideas, and to help each other.


This is an online support group intended for people with anxiety disorder. Members can chat, post in the forums, and be heard.
Health Central

Anxiety/Panic Support Community Journal

This is a live journal community for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

This is an online support community with message boards and chat rooms to share information about panic and anxiety disorders and help cope with panic. This is moderated by volunteers who overcome anxiety and panic disorder.

Teenagers Panic Support

This is an online website for teenagers suffering from anxiety and panic attack.

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