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Narcolepsy can be a lifetime condition. A narcoleptic should learn how to cope with this distressing condition throughout their entire life, and online support groups can inspire them and help them learn to better understand and accept their condition while learning good coping mechanisms.

Narcolepsy – A Sleep Disorder

This is an online site that is dedicated to individuals experiencing the symptoms of narcolepsy with message boards and forums to talk about the condition.

Narcolepsy Support Group

This is an online site devoted to providing information about the condition of narcolepsy with chat boards and loads of helpful research news and treatment updates on narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy Network

This is an online support group intended for narcoleptics, their families and friends.

Our Experiences with Narcolepsy

This online support website for narcolepsy provides the chance for the members to share their experiences, symptoms and everyday life with narcolepsy.


This is an online support group for individuals with narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders.

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Could You Have Narcolepsy?

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