Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatments

(Also Known As: Narcisistic Personality Disorder Treatments, Borderline Personality Disorder Treatments, Narcissistic Treatments, Narcissist Treatments, Histrionic Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatments)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Kinds of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatments are Available?

There is no cure for narcissistic personality disorder, but psychotherapy is the major choice of intervention for narcissism. Psychotherapy helps a narcissist learn to relate with others in a less maladaptive manner. 7

But narcissistic personality disorder can be generally treated through the following forms of interventions:


There is no single medication that can help treat narcissistic personality disorder; however, pharmacological intervention is helpful in the presence of mood disorders, depression and anxiety. Anti depressants and anti-anxiety medications are always the drug of choice prescribed to the patient.


Psychotherapy is the treatment choice for narcissistic personality disorder. It allows one to learn how to better relate with others in a more rewarding, enjoyable, and more intimate approach. The approach may encompass a variety of psychotherapy approaches consisting of:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • This helps a narcissist identify unhealthy behaviors and negative beliefs and learn to replace them with positive and desirable behaviors.
  • Family Therapy
    • This form of therapy brings the whole family together in a therapy session and helps them cope with conflicts, explore communication problems, and provides solutions to help each member cope with their relationship conflicts.
  • Group Therapy
    • A narcissist is able to meet with other people of similar condition and help them learn to better relate with other people. This form of therapy promotes a narcissist’s ability to listen to others, offer them support, and understanding their feelings.

Short Term Goal of Treatment

The treatment for narcissistic personality disorder often takes several years and the short term goal of treatment is focused on addressing issues such as depression, substance abuse, low self esteem, and shame.

Long Term Goal of Treatment

The long term goal of treatment for a narcissist is to achieve reshaping of personality to some degree such as changing patterns of thinking and distorted self image through the creation of realistic self image.

Could You Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

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