Munchausen Syndrome Treatment

(Also Known As: Factitious Disorder Treatment, Munchausens Treatment, Malingering Treatment, Munchausen By Proxy Treatment)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Treatments Available for Munchausen Syndrome?

Treatment for Munchausen syndrome can be a challenge for most doctors because the patient will not admit they have a problem and will not work with the doctor in the implementation of the treatment plan 6.

With this in mind, experts have recommended that health professionals should implement a gentle, non-confrontational method of treatment. Instead of directly accusing the patient of being dishonest, the doctor can make a gentle recommendation that they have a complicated condition that may require the help of a psychiatrist. With this approach, they may still be patients who might refuse treatment.

On the other hand, those who are willing to cooperate with the doctor can look forward to treatment of the symptoms of Munchausen syndrome. There is no standard method of treatment for this condition. However, doctors use a combination of psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy which has been proven effective in controlling the symptoms of Munchausen syndrome.

Patients suffering from Munchausen syndrome rarely agree to treatment of their condition. Commonly, they leave and resume their lying in a different location. Non-confrontational strategies like behavior modification have proven effective in some instances. Psychotherapy has been used for treating motivated patients as it can improve insight and provide the care they once received by fabricating their illness. Using antidepressants can be useful when the patient is suffering from other mental conditions 7.

Could You Have Munchausen Syndrome?

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