Munchausen Syndrome Suggestions

(Also Known As: Factitious Disorder Suggestions, Munchausens Suggestions, Malingering Suggestions, Munchausen By Proxy Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions on Munchausen Syndrome

Managing Munchausen syndrome can be difficult. Patients suffering from this condition constantly have the urge to hurt themselves and place themselves in serious medical risk. Likewise, their constant fabrication of their symptoms or illness may prompt medical care providers to think that they are falsifying their condition again when they are already telling the truth about their condition. The following tips will help you overcome Munchausen syndrome:

  • Stick To One Medical Care Provider. Consulting several doctors, specialists or surgeons may be more risky since you might be subjected to different medical procedures which are unrelated to your original illness. By having one doctor treat your Munchausen syndrome, they will be able to properly diagnose your condition and give the proper treatment method.
  • Learn To Control Your Emotions. Sometimes depression and anxiety can lead you to inflict harm on yourself. To avoid this, acquire some stress and emotion control strategies.
  • Get the Support of Your Family. Be open with your family. Share with them your problems, frustrations, or worries. Draw your strength from the love and affection which your family can give.
  • Expand Your Social Network. Sometimes friends and colleagues can likewise provide you with support and motivation. Increasing your circle of friendships can be helpful if you are looking for support and strength from other people.
  • Learn to Love Yourself. No one will love your body more than yourself. Increase your self-confidence and esteem. Harness strengths and improve weaknesses. Inflicting harm on yourself places you in danger of getting seriously injured or even death.

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Factitious Disorder – Deliberate Feigning of Symptoms, Exaggeration of Medical Condition
Malingering – Faking of Symptoms with Obvious Incentive Benefits, Exaggeration of Medical Condition, Lying, Deception
Munchausen By Proxy - An Individual Fabricates Or Exaggerates an Illness of Another Individual, Usually a Child, In Order to Draw Attention Or Sympathy from Others