Munchausen by Proxy Treatment

(Also Known As: Factitious Disorder Treatment, Malingering Treatment, Munchausen Treatment)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

How Is Munchausen by Proxy Treated?

Treatment of Munchausen by proxy requires treating the child, the parent, and the family. In treating the child, the following procedures must be done 5:

  • The child must be placed in a safe surrounding so that the physician can check their symptoms away from the parent. There, the appropriate treatment methods can be administered.
  • Depending on the age of the child, play or individual therapy can be used.
  • Another vital component in the treatment of Munchausen by proxy is the health condition of the child.
  • A doctor who is knowledgeable with the condition should handle the monitoring and treatment of the child
  • Depending on existing laws, child welfare agencies or protective services should be informed

In the treatment of the parent suffering from Munchausen by proxy, the following procedures should be administered:

  • Clinical investigations should be administered to find out if there are other mental conditions that need to be treated. The patient needs to undergo physical examinations, laboratory evaluations, and psychiatric or psychological test
  • Individual therapy is focused on reducing anxiety, stressors, and other conditions that cause the illness. In administering the therapy, the identified problems must be properly managed.
  • The success of the treatment is determined by the ability of the patient to break through denial and their readiness to undergo therapy.
  • If the patient cannot overcome the conditions identified, their chances for recovery are poor.
  • The patient should likewise undergo parenting classes so that they will learn the effective parenting while addressing their needs.

Both the parent and the child may require hospitalization to ensure their safety in a separate environment. The doctor must understand the condition without judging them as this could be a stumbling block to the therapy.

Family therapy sessions begin with education about Munchausen by proxy as well as discussions about the possible reunion of parent and child. If there are other children in the home of the patient, the status of their health should also be evaluated and proper treatment must be administered. If the family gets back together again, supervision is required to ensure the safety of the child.

Could You Have Munchausen By Proxy?

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Factitious Disorder – deliberate feigning of symptoms, exaggeration of medical condition
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