Munchausen by Proxy Statistics

(Also Known As: Factitious Disorder Statistics, Malingering Statistics, Munchausen Statistics)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Incidence and Prevalence of Munchausen by Proxy

There is no reliable data concerning the number of individuals suffering from Munchausen by proxy because many cases of the disorder cannot be detected. However, it is estimated that 1,000 out of the 2.5 million cases recorded have something to do with Munchausen by proxy. It is more prominent in women than in men

Likewise, Munchausen by proxy has a 10% fatality rate and 75% physical morbidity percentage. Among the victims reported, 25-30% is children and 90% of those who are suffering from the disorder are the child’s biological mother. Children below 5 years old are most likely die and the majority of them die prior to reaching the age of 3 years old 7.

Could You Have Munchausen By Proxy?

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Factitious Disorder – deliberate feigning of symptoms, exaggeration of medical condition
Malingering – faking of symptoms with obvious incentive benefits, exaggeration of medical condition, lying, deception
Munchausen Syndrome – chronic factitious disorder, feigning of symptoms, self induced injury to produce symptoms