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Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder Support Groups

Because communication disorder can be a hindrance for a person to interact with other people, they need to be provided with the proper care and treatment as well as more understanding of their condition and acceptance. Support groups can be a good source of providing encouragement among individuals with mixed receptive expressive language disorder. There are numerous online sites that provide support for individuals with communication and language deficits.

Communication Disorder Support Group

This online support group provides inspiration among individuals with communication disorder while connecting their families, loved ones, care givers and friends to better inspire and provide support to each other.

Dyslexia Support

This is an online site that offers free discussion and support for dyslexia. Members can share their ideas, sentiments and advice to each other.

Youngerman Center Support Group

This online group provides support to individuals with various communication problems along with their families and helps them deal with the condition. Among the conditions they entertain include autism, head injury, and stroke as they provide support group meetings.

Healia Speech and Communication Disorders Online Health Community and Support Group

This is an online community for communication disorder support group where members can get information regarding speech and communication disorders. The community members share their experiences about speech and communication disorders and get connected with peers and obtain information about speech disorders.

The Friendship Connection

This is an online community that encourages social interaction among individuals with learning disabilities while providing an educational setting and meet friends.

Stutterers Anonymous

An anonymous online support group where adult stutterers can meet and even date together. It also provides helpful article about stuttering.

Stutterer’s Forum

This online site provides the opportunity among stutterers to meet and hang out in a friendly, laid back web page.

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