Malingering Symptoms

(Also Known As: Fabricated Mental Illness Symptoms, Faked Mental Illness Symptoms, Munchausen Syndrome Symptoms, Factitious Disorder Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Malingering?

Malingering can be a motivated and deliberate exaggeration of symptomatic manifestation of any physical or mental illness. It can also co-occur with other psychological disorders thereby giving malingering disorder an extensive manifestation of symptoms as follow: 4

  • Fabricated medical condition such as patient claiming to have a series of non-existent conditions.
  • Deliberate staging of an accident where the person refuses to undergo extensive diagnostic tests, surgery and treatment.
  • The current injury or condition from an accident is exaggerated in favor of financial gain.
  • There is marked discrepancy between the claim of the person about his symptoms and the psychiatric and medical findings.
  • The person fails to cooperate with the physician conducting the evaluation with non compliance with their treatment.
  • Intentional faking of poor responses during a neuropsychological test.

Some behavioral traits of malingerers include attention seeking desires, lying, fabricating stories, manipulative behavior and being uncooperative to physicians assessing their condition.

Could You Have Malingering?

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