Malingering Resources, Support and References

Malingering Support Groups

Because malingering can co-occur with other psychiatric disorders, support groups that are intended for the associated psychological disorders with malingering can also provide help among malingerers with associated mental illness conditions.

Chronic Pain Support Group

This website aims to provide support among individuals who are in constant pain in a safe Internet environment that help them cope with their chronic pain

Anti-social Personality.

This is an online support group for individuals with anti-social personality disorder, including their loves ones, in dealing with the condition together. Opinions and beliefs of every member are respected and not criticized. It offers a place where one can freely express their feelings.


This is an online support group for those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. It is a safe online place where individuals with borderline personality disorder are not condemned but rather accepted and provided with supportive advice to fellows with borderline personality disorder too.

Emotions Anonymous

This is an online 12 step organization whose goal is to provide a fellowship that will promote emotional wellness and provides support towards recovery from emotional difficulties.

I have Conversion Disorder

This is an online anonymous support group for people with conversion disorder where they can obtain helpful resources about the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment with personal stories and experiences of members.
Experience Project

Psych Forums

This is an online mental support community to individuals with mental illness.

The Emptied Soul Psychopathy Chat Site

This is a safe sanctuary for individuals whose life has been greatly affected by psychopathy such as those with antisocial personality disorder.

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Could You Have Malingering?

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Related Conditions

Antisocial Personality Disorder – conduct disorder, sociopaths, psychopaths, deceitful, manipulative, behavior disorder
Factitious Disorder – feigning symptoms, exaggerates physical and psychological condition,
Hypochondriasis – fear of having serious disease, misinterpretation of body symptoms
Munchausen Syndrome – chronic factitious disorder, faking/feigning of psychological and mental illness, severe