Kleptomania Suggestions

(Also Known As: Kleptomaniac Suggestions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Suggestions, Shoplifting Suggestions, Stealing Suggestions, Borderline Personality Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Kleptomania

Because kleptomania is a mental disorder that is characterized by impulsive stealing, it is often misconstrued as a behavioral disorder that is a result of a premeditated plan for shoplifting or theft. The disorder of kleptomania should be distinguished from theft or shoplifting because the triggering factor for the act of stealing is not due to the recognition of the monetary benefits that can be gained, but rather is due to the irresistible impulse to steal regardless of the value of the items being stolen.

Recognizing this behavioral pattern of kleptomaniacs, the individual and their families should recognize the danger of possible undesirable effects of this disorder that can lead to arrest and imprisonment, loss of employment, or bad record in school. Not all kleptomaniacs are able to seek treatment for their condition thereby imperiling their future for negative consequences due to their uncontrollable impulse to steal.

Early recognition of the disorder is valuable, especially in children who may develop the disorder in the early childhood development and may persist throughout their lifetime. Parents should be supportive and take their child for psychological evaluation in order to help manage the condition and prevent undesirable consequences the patient will suffer from being a kleptomaniac. Early treatment can also help recognize other associated mood disorders that can possibly trigger the symptoms of kleptomania.

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