Intermittent Explosive Disorder Resources, Support and References

Intermittent Explosive Disorder Support Groups

Support Groups are important in the recovery and treatment process of individuals with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Because persons with this condition need understanding and support, there are numerous online community and organizations that are designed to provide a help center where they can interact with other people suffering with the same condition. This helps them learn how to express their anger in a subtle and appropriate manner.

This is an online site where members can chat, express and share their experiences with any mood and behavioral disorders such as bipolar disorder.
Health Central

Conflict Resolution – Anger Management for Men

It is a support group to help identify the various types of anger. Members are helped to recognize the warning signs, symptoms and the impact of anger and learn strategies that will help manage their anger in a healthy manner to offer resolution to the conflict.

Depression and Anxiety Support Group

Provides peer group support through focus on prayer, support, and discovering new ways to think and feel and control emotion.

I Have Impulse Control Disorder

This is an anonymous online support group for individuals with impulse control disorders that provide information on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment with personal stories and experiences shared by the members.
Experience Project

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Could You Have Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

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