Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment

(Also Known As: Depression Treatment, Antisocial Treatment, Histrionic Treatment, Antisocial Personality Treatment, Conversion Disorder Treatment, Somatization Disorder Treatment)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Available Treatments for Histrionic Personality Disorder?

People suffering from histrionic personality development do not usually go for treatment unless their behavior is already severely restricting their ability to function independently. Because they require treatment, patients are usually hesitant to end their therapy 6.

Treatment of the condition is usually triggered by depression as well as failed romantic relationships. Just like in any treatment session, trust and good rapport between the client and therapist must be established first. However, as much as possible, creating a dependent situation with the patient should be avoided. The goal of therapy is not to cure but to ease the worst aspects of the patient’s behavior which is causing the problem.


This is usually the preferred mode of treatment. Group and family therapy methods are discouraged since the patient would often draw the attention of the therapist to them. They tend to exaggerate on their actions or response. Patients voice out their opinion with a similar level of emotion, not knowing the subtleties of their own emotions as well as the wide range of methods accessible 7..

The therapy should be supportive and good rapport should be established at the onset. The therapist would most often find themselves performing the role of “rescuer” providing constant reassurance and protection from daily problems. There are instances when the therapist will be seen as sexually attractive by the patient.

Aside from psychotherapy, solution-focused approaches are likewise suitable for a histrionic individual. Insight and cognitive-oriented approaches are hugely ineffective in the treatment of this disorder and must not be used.


Prescribing medicines is not always indicated unless it will be used for the treatment of certain and current Axis I diagnosis. The clinician must practice extreme caution when recommending medicines to an individual who is suffering from this disorder since they have the tendency to use the medication for inflicting self-harm.

Could You Have Histrionic Personality Disorder?

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