Histrionic Personality Disorder Suggestions

(Also Known As: Depression Suggestions, Antisocial Suggestions, Histrionic Suggestions, Antisocial Personality Suggestions, Conversion Disorder Suggestions, Somatization Disorder Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions in Histrionic Personality Disorder

Although it is difficult to determine if an individual is suffering from histrionic personality disorder (HPD), there are some measures that can be done to treat and manage the disorder.

Since individuals who suffers from HPD likes to get as much attention as they want, family or group therapy will be ineffective instead the therapist should focus on using any individualized therapy approach. This way, the patient would enjoy the attention they are getting and would be hesitant to prematurely end the session.

Since there is nothing much that support groups can do to help individuals with histrionic personality disorder, it is now up to the family and friends to help the patient in the best way they can do. Pampering them with love and affection is an effective way of giving them attention and admiration.

A young histrionic patient should always be given recognition in school. Whenever they achieve good grades, bring honor to the school, and others. When they grow up and get a chance to work, the company they will be working in must also see to it that due recognition is given to the individual. Although suicidal tendencies are not a trait being displayed by a histrionic patient, such should not be ignored and must be consulted to the doctor.

In all of this, the family or friends of an individual with HPD must be well-informed and educated about the disorder so that they can do their part in managing the condition of their friend or family member.

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