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(Also Known As: Panic Attack Research, Chronic Anxiety Research, Anxiety Disorder Research, Severe Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Research)

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A research study was conducted by the Anxiety Disorder Center, Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital to review the association of self reported anxiety with suicidality among psychiatric out patients. The outcome of the research study revealed that those with severe to moderate anxiety symptoms are three times more likely to report high to moderate tendencies to commit suicide. These data are actually consistent with the growing literature that demonstrates an association between anxiety and suicidal tendency among those with anxiety disorders. This item of self report by the patient can be a useful screening tool that will help in assessing a person’s suicidal tendencies. 10


Pini S. et. al of the Institute of Psychiatry, University of Verona, Ospedale Policlinico, Italy conducted a research study that assess the episodes of depression from dysthymic, bipolar depressives and unipolar depressives and the comorbid symptoms of anxiety on each. Panic Disorders were found to be 36.8% comorbid with depression, 31.4% from unipolar depressives and 13% from dysthymic. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is found to be 21.1% prevalent in bipolars, 14.3% in unipolars and 8.7% in dysthymics. Generalized Anxiety Disorder has the highest prevalence in dysthymia with 65.2% association followed by unipolar depression by 37.1% and bipolars of 31.6%. Social Phobia exhibits a comorbid rate of 11.4% in unipolars. The odd ratio of the study revealed that Generalized Anxiety Disorder is significantly high in dysthymia, panic disorder has a higher trend in bipolar and unipolar depression while social phobia is frequently seen with unipolar depression.11

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