Gender Identity Disorder Treatments

(Also Known As: Homosexuality Treatments, Gender Dysphoria Treatments, Lesbians Transsexuality Treatments, Transgender Treatments, Transvestism Treatments)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Kinds of Gender Identity Disorder Treatments are Available?

Before trying to treat an individual for Gender Identity Disorder, one must ensure that it is indeed Gender Identity Disorder, one sign of which is when the condition makes a person live miserably and desire help. The milder form of transgender personality can best treated by just helping the individual accept themselves as being a transperson since the major problem does not stem from the person’s self, but rather comes from the environment. 10

Individual and family counseling remains the best treatment approach with Gender Identity Disorder. The focus of counseling is to help treat the associated depressive condition and anxiety that comes with the improvement of self-esteem. 11

Psychological therapy is another treatment approach that can help alter the course of the disorder. 12

In psychological therapy the initial approach is to teach the person how to function according to their biological sex role.

There are some adults with a greater severity of Gender Identity Disorder who opt for sex change surgery. They usually undergo intensive hormone therapy that suppresses their biological sex characteristics and accentuates the characteristics of the other sex. Estrogen is introduced to males in order to enlarge their breasts and to diminish their hair growth and obtain smaller testes. Testosterone is introduced to females in order to help them develop a lower voice and grow a beard if possible. After the hormone therapy the adult will then be asked to live a cross-gender role prior to the surgery. Every candidate for a sex change operation needs to undergo an extensive evaluation and transition period since the procedure is major and irreversible.

Could You Have Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder)?

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