Gender Identity Disorder Symptoms

(Also Known As: Homosexuality Symptoms, Gender Dysphoria Symptoms, Lesbians Transsexuality Symptoms, Transgender Symptoms, Transvestism Symptoms)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What are the Symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder?

The most common symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder are the following: 4


  • Feeling of disgust with their own genitals, such as boys pretending not to have a penis while girls might fear growing breasts and menstruation. Girls also often refuse to urinate while sitting down and make their breasts less noticeable by binding them.
  • Rejection from peer groups
  • Desiring to become the opposite sex, displayed with such actions as calling themselves by the name (or nickname) of a person of the opposite sex.
  • Behaving in a manner associated with the opposite sex, such as a female wearing a boy’s underwear.
  • Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.
  • Withdrawal from society activity and interaction.


  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • Behaving in a manner typical of the opposite sex such as their mannerisms, behaviors, and ways of dressing.
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation
  • Desiring to get rid of their own genitals
  • Desiring to live a life of the opposite sex

The most prevalent symptoms common in both adults and children with Gender Identity Disorder are social withdrawal and the urge to imitate the mannerisms of and dress and act like the opposite sex. It is notable though that there is no set of medical symptoms that can be seen from transsexuality but rather it is more the abnormal patterns of behavior manifested in dysphoria and Gender Identity Disorders. Oftentimes, it is also accompanied with mental illness symptoms that are often masked by another diagnosis.

Gender Identity Disorders manifest at a early age can lead to the development of homosexuality and transsexuality.

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