Gender Identity Disorder Suggestions

(Also Known As: Homosexuality Suggestions, Gender Dysphoria Suggestions, Lesbians Transsexuality Suggestions, Transgender Suggestions, Transvestism Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Gender Identity Disorder

Because there is a strong correlation between the prevalence and occurrence of Gender Identity Disorder development and family bonding and history, it is highly recommended that children should be nurtured with the proper psychological support they need in the acceptance of their biological sex role.

Because children are born with the drive to seek acceptance, attention, and love from their parents, peers, and family members, it is important to help them meet these needs in order to develop acceptance of their masculinity and femininity.15 Most of the adults who develop Gender Identity Disorders have a history of deep insecurities and fears rooted from childhood. The condition can also be brought about by their lack of experience in obtaining love and acceptance from parents or peers of the same sex.

There are some therapeutic interventions that can be applied to children with Gender Identity Disorders that may be helpful in reducing the risk of developing the condition:

For Boys

  1. Increase the quality time with the father.
  2. Participate and appreciate the child’s effort by the father.
  3. Coach the son to develop some masculine activities when possible.
  4. Encourage the son to appreciate their special male gifts.
  5. Encourage time spent with the same sex peers and diminish time spent with the opposite sex peers.
  6. Addressing conflicts of parents who want him to be a girl

For Girls

  1. Encourage same sex relationships and activities with peers.
  2. Encourage the daughter to appreciate the beauty of her body and femininity.
  3. Increase mother-child bonding and quality time.
  4. Encourage parental praise of their daughter.
  5. Addressing conflicts of parents who want her to be a boy.
  6. Teach the child to learn to appreciate their female gifts.

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