Gender Identity Disorder Resources, Support and References

Gender Identity Disorder Support Groups

The family plays a major role in helping individuals with Gender Identity Disorders. These individuals need to feel loved and accepted, and there are support groups and organizations that can help them find a better place for themselves with people who understand their condition to interact with and get some help as follow:

Yahoo Groups TransgenderPDD

This is a website for individuals who are living a life that is affected by pervasive developmental disorders and Gender Identity Disorder. Every member can participate in the forum and can express their feelings and share their experiences as transsexuals.

Gender Identity Disorder Support Group by

This is an online community for patients, friends and family who are dealing with Gender Identity Disorder.

Families of Gender Identity Disorder

This site offers a support group for families affected with a family member having a Gender Identity Disorder. It provides a supportive environment that helps understand the GID condition.

Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA)

An online national organization for transgender concerned with the issues and needs of gender variant people in the society.

International Foundation for Gender Education

This is an online organization that advocates for freedom of gender expression.

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Could You Have Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder)?

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