Gambling Addiction Suggestions

(Also Known As: Gambling Suggestions, Gambling Problem Suggestions, Gaming Suggestions, Gaming Addiction Suggestions, Addiction Suggestions, Compulsion Suggestions, Impulse Control Disorder Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is an avoidable condition. One should learn to modify the kind of environment they are living in, such as avoiding tempting places, like casinos, and learn to control their finances. It is also important to learn how to cope with stress since stress can be a triggering factor for compulsive gambling.

Gambling itself is not a problem. It only becomes an addiction when one loses control over their gambling activities that lead to harmful effects. There are ways by which one can exercise control over their cravings for gambling. Among the self help strategy to avoid gambling cravings include:

  1. Learn to divert your cravings for gambling by doing something else to keep you busy.
  2. Try to postpone your schedule to go to casinos or any gambling establishment. Keep on holding out for few more minutes can wear out your urge to gamble.
  3. Give yourself a reality check where you can try to visualize the possible consequence if you lose your money and how difficult it would be to regain back what you have lost that may end up compromising important things in your life, such as paying the bills and family relationships.
  4. Reach for support, such as your family and friends who are the first ones to offer you a hand in standing up, to recover from your compulsion to gamble.

Could You Have Gambling Addiction?

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