Dyssomnia Suggestions

(Also Known As: Dysomnia Suggestions, Sleep Disorder Suggestions, Anxiety Suggestions, Sleep Problems Suggestions, Sleeping Insomnia Suggestions, Sleep Difficulty Suggestions)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Suggestions for Dyssomnia

Conditions of dyssomnia require proper medical attention to be completely treated. Although it is true that a patient with such conditions cannot cure his ailment without enough and appropriate understanding of the disease, there is particular non-specific measures that will help assuage the gravity of the condition and may even help to completely correct the disorder. Practice of good sleep hygiene will help alleviate the condition.

Non-specific measures to Induce Sleep (Sleep hygiene)

  • Arising at the same time daily
  • Limiting daily in-bed time to the usual amount present before the sleep disturbance
  • Discontinuing CNS-acting drugs such as caffeine, nicotine alcohol and other stimulants unless otherwise advised by the physician
  • Avoiding daytime naps except when sleep chart shows they induce better night sleep
  • Establishing physical fitness by means of a graded program of vigorous exercise early in the day
  • Avoiding evening stimulation; substitute radio or relaxed reading for television
  • Avoiding large meals before bedtime
  • Practicing evening relaxation routines such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation
  • Trying a body-temperature-raising bath 20 minutes before bedtime and maintain comfortable sleeping positions.

Could You Have Dyssomnia?

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