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(Also Known As: Dyslexic Research, Learning Disorder Research, Developmental Reading Disorder Research)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Dyslexia Related Research

According to the research conducted by the Wake Forest University Baptist medical Center, teenagers who have dyslexia or an inability to read are 3 times more likely to have the tendency to commit suicide. They are also six times more likely to dropping out of school than any typical readers. Standard educational tests were used to gauge the participating children’s ability to read single words. Students with mark of 18% and below were evidently poor readers, as being the borderline for diagnosing dyslexia.

Interviews that followed those diagnosed with dyslexia and those with poor reading ability showed marked suicidal thoughts and attempts to drop out from school. Researchers further identified that psychiatric disorders are also associated with the suicidal thoughts and dropping out of school, while the poor reading ability also poses as a risk.

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