Drug Addiction Statistics

(Also Known As: Addiction Statistics, Drug Problem Statistics, Drug Rehab Statistics, Drug Abuse Statistics, Drug Addict Statistics, Substance Abuse Statistics)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Statistics on Drug Addiction

  • About 10% of the United States population of 12 years and older are affected by drug addiction and alcoholism combined. 13
  • Individuals who started using drugs before high school at the age of 14 or younger are likely to be more vulnerable to drug problems as compared to those who started using drugs later in college or high school.
  • Drug abuse often peaks during high school and college at the age of 17 – 23. The continuation of peak usage beyond the age of 23 often poses future problems.
  • Individuals who have met the medical criteria for drug addiction diagnosis also suffered from one or more of the following mental disorders at some point in their life: schizophrenia (7%), antisocial personality disorder (18%), mood disorders/depression (26%) and anxiety disorder (28%).
  • There is about 50% prevalence of mental disorders among marijuana abusers and 76% for cocaine users.
  • About 50% of drug abusers are also associated with alcohol abuse at some point in their lifetime.
  • The annual cost to society due to illicit drug abuse is about $181 billion. It soars up to exceed $500 billion when drug abuse is combined with tobacco and alcohol costs which also include lost productivity, health care, and criminal justice.
  • For every dollar that is spent for drug addiction treatment program it is estimated to have a $4 to $7 reduction in the cost due to drug-related crimes.

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