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Drug addiction is a treatable condition with proper treatment program and rehabilitation. Recovery and treatment is a long term process which extends to counseling and support groups as a follow-up treatment. There are several rehabilitation facilities and support organizations where drug addicts can become affiliated with to help them and their family in their recovery process such as the following:

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

An online community based organization of recovering drug addicts who help each other solve their drug addiction problem by sharing their experience, hope, and strength. There are no fees involved and membership is free.

Nar-Anon Family Groups World Services

This support group has a 12 step program that is designed to help the relatives, family, and friends of drug addicts from the various effects on their life for living with a drug addict.

Sober Recovery

It provides a community support forum where about hundreds of addiction and alcoholism treatment resources are provided to members to review their unlimited options for getting help with their addiction problems.

The Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

This online site provides support with 24 hours a day counseling services for individuals struggling from drug addiction in United States, Europe, and Canada. Among the services they provide include drug and alcohol detox, residential inpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and performing a drug or alcohol intervention.

Drug Addicts Family Support Group

This offers a support group for the family of drug addicts and to help them cope with the effects and changes brought about by living with an addict as a family member.

Drug Addiction Support Group

This is a community of drug addicts, their family members and friends that is dedicated in dealing with drug addiction through online support.

Marijuana Anonymous Online

This online site provides Internet resources for information, support, and recovery from marijuana addiction. Membership is free and its primary goal is to help individuals set themselves free from marijuana addiction.

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