Dissociative Disorder NOS Treatments

(Also Known As: Dissociative Treatments, Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Treatments, Dissociative Disorder Treatments, Disassociation Disorder Treatments)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Kinds of Dissociative Disorder NOS Treatments are Available?

There is no specific medication that can treat dissociative disorder NOS, however, other symptoms that are linked with this type of dissociative disorders can be treated with medications like an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drugs to treat depression and anxiety. 15 Usually, the treatment for dissociative disorder NOS begins with psychotherapy. This kind of therapy used by mental health professionals utilizes psychological techniques. Also called talk therapy, the therapist will persuade the patient to communicate and discuss his/her thoughts to help the patient cope with the problems or circumstances that make the patient become stressed. Also, one type of this therapy is the cognitive therapy that assists the patient to recognize depressing thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It helps the individual change the way they think for an unpleasant condition, even if that situation has not changed, for a good one.

There are people who have trouble communicating their thoughts and feelings that are why the creative art therapy can be use to help the patient improve the consciousness of themselves, cope with their symptoms and distress and change it for a positive outlook. This kind of therapy uses creative practices like art, dance, drama, music, and poetry. In addition, there is also therapy where involvement of the family members is included, which is called the family therapy. This kind of therapy will provide the family of the patient better understanding about dissociative disorder NOS including causes, symptoms, and how to cope with it if there is recurrence of symptoms.

Another approach for treating dissociative disorder NOS is the clinical hypnosis. This type of treatment is often recommended because it is related to the procedure of dissociation where patients will reveal thoughts, feelings and past experiences that they consciously hide. Although, using hypnosis is risky for patients with dissociative disorders because this method might create fake recollections of the patients. 16

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