Dissociative Disorder NOS Statistics

(Also Known As: Dissociative Statistics, Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Statistics, Dissociative Disorder Statistics, Disassociation Disorder Statistics)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

Statistics on Dissociative Disorders

  • There is an equivalent of 7% population in the United States who possibly will experience dissociative disorder in the duration of their life. 18
  • There are more than 10% of people who have been treated for psychiatric disorders have had some kind of dissociative disorder based on some studies done. 19
  • A study done on 628 women found out that those who have dissociative disorder, 7% of them have PTSD. A person who has PTSD is possible to have dissociative disorder in which dissociative disorder NOS is the most common of which, then next is dissociative amnesia. 20
  • Studies show that 2-3% of the general population has dissociative disorders, while other studies have an approximate prevalent rate of 10% who have all the types of dissociative disorders in the general population. Even if it is acute or chronic, dissociative disorder happened after severe trauma which shows a high occurrence. There are about 73% of people who experience traumatic events experience dissociative symptoms during the incident or after hours, days and weeks; however, some people who had dissociative symptoms have less dissociative experiences on their own after a few weeks. 21
  • Distressing experiences during childhood gives a possibility to develop severe disorders like dissociative disorder and there is a study that shows that, when they were a child, 46% of people with a dissociative disorder experienced physical abuse and 33% shows that they experienced sexual exploitation.
  • Dissociative fugue is common if it is associated with wars, accidents, and natural calamities, and the prevalent rate of dissociative fugue is approximately 0.2%. However, a person with dissociative identity disorder often shows patterns of fugue. 22

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