Dissociative Disorder NOS Causes

(Also Known As: Dissociative Causes, Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Causes, Dissociative Disorder Causes, Disassociation Disorder Causes)

(Reviewed by: Paul Peterson, Licensed Therapist)

What Causes Dissociative Disorder NOS?

The causes of dissociative disorder NOS are not yet identified, although there are multiple factors that play an important role. Causes of dissociative disorder NOS might be similar to or connected with one or more dissociative disorders mentioned above. Genetic and environmental factors are some of the most common cause of this disorder.

Traumatic events are painful and might cause emotional and mental disturbances, which lead or develop into dissociative disorder as a mean of coping with distress. 5 Also, a person who has a traumatic childhood has a possibility of developing dissociative disorder NOS. 6 There is a study that shows that 46% of people with a dissociative disorder experienced physical abuse in childhood, and 33% have been sexually abused when they were a child. 7

There is also a possibility that a type of dissociative disorders, like depersonalization, is a symptom of other disorders like brain disease and seizure disorders. It can also be triggered by stressful events that one has experienced in his/her life like war, abuse, accidents, disasters, or intense violence. 8 Some traumatic events that might lead to severe dissociation are experiencing combat, car or plane crashes, brainwashing in hostage situations, childhood abuse and several criminal violence experiences that will need trauma therapy in order to be treated. 9

Could You Have Dissociative Disorder NOS?

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