Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Sexual and gender identity disorders are characterized by the discontentment of one’s sex and the discomfort with one’s own assigned gender role. The conditions can foster a gender identity crisis - when an individual assumes cross gender behavior. The disorder can cause significant stress and anxiety to a person when assuming the cross gender role is culturally disapproved.

Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder)

Gender Identity Disorder is used by psychologists to make a formal diagnosis in describing individuals who experience a dysphoria or discontentment of their biological sexuality or gender. It is a condition that encompasses the various psychiatric classifications involving transsexuality, transvestism, and... Read more about Gender Dysphoria (Gender Identity Disorder)


Paraphilia is a condition that involves sexual behavior which is atypical from normal sexual arousal and gratification. A Paraphiliac has sexual desires that are characterized by extreme fantasies revolving around a particular object or on a particular act. Paraphilia is commonly seen in men. The sexual behavior of a Paraphiliac is viewed by the society as distasteful, abnormal, and unusual. The main problem of Paraphilias is the uncontrollable impulses of intense sexual fantasies, behavior, and urges... Read more about Paraphilias

Personality Disorder NOS

Personality disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) is referred to by the DSM-IV-TR as disorders that do not fit into any personality disorder categories. These include: passive-aggressive personality disorder and depressive personality disorder; some behavior or particular trait such as oppositionalism, sadism, and masochism can also be classified in this... Read more about Personality Disorder NOS

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction, also known a progressive intimacy disorder, begins from a normal sex drive that becomes more obsessive in nature, to the extent of manifesting uncontrolled sexual behavior. Sexual addiction is also referred to as process addiction, as opposed to substance addiction seen from alcohol and substance abuse. The condition involves a euphoric feeling due to the release of chemicals from the brain instead from an external source. The sexual addiction can reach the extent of using pornography,... Read more about Sexual Addiction

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a disturbance that affects the sexual response during the sex cycle, often with associated pain during intercourse or arousal. Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women with involved disturbance on the physiological sexual response cycle. The changes are seen from the desire, arousal, orgasmic response and performance (particularly in men). Women are affected mostly with pain disorders such as vaginismus, with involuntary muscle spasm of the vaginal wall that prevent... Read more about Sexual Dysfunction