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Breathing Related Sleep Disorder Support Groups

Individuals suffering from breathing related sleep disorder are often unaware of the seriousness and severity of their condition. It is important to provide them the necessary support and awareness about the disorder. The following are some organizations and online support groups with online forums for its members to provide helpful information, advice, and tips for the sufferers of breathing related sleep disorder and their families as well:

American Sleep Apnea Association

This is an online organization that help prevent injury and death from sleep apnea.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

This is an online website for sleep disorders victims with information about all sleep disorders and important updates about sleep disorders.

American Sleep Association (ASA)

This is an online portal that allows interaction between those affected with sleep disorders, with updated research information about the different sleep disorders. They are also driven for public awareness about sleep disorders.

National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

An informative site about current sleep disorder research to better understand sleep disorders.

National Sleep Foundation

This is an online community devoted to sleep disorders with forums and informative resources about sleep disorder.

This is an online site that provides information and public sleep forum.

Lung Association - Sleep Apnea (LASA)

This is an online site that provides dedicated service in providing support to patients suffering from respiratory related sleep disorders.

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